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“TGT Has Good Reasons To Be Used”

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“TGT e-Data is simple function and interface. So easy to use”

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Chart management and updating made simple

TGT e-Data is an onboard chart and publication updating service that provides commercial shipping companies with an extremely cost-effective, simple and efficient way to manage paper and digital chart and publication corrections.

The service delivers updates tailored to the vessels index on a weekly basis via email. TGT e-Data not only provides NtMs, Blocks and Tracings for British Admiralty charts and publications it also provides updates for Australian, Canadian, Japanese, Korean, New Zealand and US charts to meet the requirements of shipping companies that operate both globally and in specific areas of the world.

Minimal training requirements

e-Data’s extremely user-friendly interface design leads the crew through the update process making it very easy to use with minimal training requirements.

State of the art compression technology

And, importantly, for companies looking to minimize their data communications costs, e-Data uses state-of-the-art data compression technology to deliver at least 60% file size reduction and is designed to work in a disconnected environment, which means vessels can access information without having to connect to the internet.


TGT e-Data Digital Update Service – 10 years with you!

Offering exclusive simplicity and support to our valuable customers.

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