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“TGT Has Good Reasons To Be Used”

MASTER, mv Chemroad Dita

“TGT e-Data is simple function and interface. So easy to use”

MASTER, mv Cape Tsubaki

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Product information

TGT e-Data is a fully automated and editable chart management system. Its unique range of features makes it incredibly simple, efficient and easy to use.

A comprehensive update service

E-Data offers updates for British Admiralty, US, Japanese, Korean, Russian, New Zealand and Canadian charts (you can find a full list in "e-Data modules" tab), Admiralty paper publications (AENPs) and digital (ADP) updates as well as digital chart corrections for both AVCS and the Primar ENC Service.

Updates tailored to each vessel’s index

E-Data provides only the updates the vessel needs to maintain its chart and publication inventory to minimize data transmission and communications costs. And unlike many chart correction systems, E-Data also gives your crews the freedom to create and amend their own folios to reflect new chart purchases, amendments to chart holdings and changes in operating areas. Any changes the vessel makes are instantly recognised in our systems ensuring each vessel only ever receives the update information it wants and needs.

Quick and easy access to update information

TGT e-Data arranges charts and updates onboard in a simple folio system. Different country updates are divided using tab bookmarks with all NTMs, Tracings and Blocks conveniently stored by chart number making it easy to find the information you need. NTMs can also be accessed by year and week. You can also preview and print all index specific NTMs, Tracings and Blocks for a selected week or for all unapplied corrections at the click of a button. And E-Data also includes index specific as well as complete Temporary & Preliminary Notices that can be filtered by folio or by geographical area.

Full correction audit trail

TGT e-Data also includes a comprehensive correction log and auditing system. The system produces a summary of weekly corrections specific to the vessel’s index and highlights any outstanding corrections to be applied. When the corrections have been applied, the correction log is updated and saved automatically. In addition, TGT e-Data also identifies any withdrawn charts and New Editions relevant in the vessel’s index.

Fully integrated reporting system

TGT e-Data includes detailed index and correction list reports accessed by a simple to use “Reports” menu. Each report can be printed off or exported to PDF format.

Superior data compression to minimize communications costs

TGT e-Data uses state-of-the-art data compression technology that compresses file sizes by at least 60%. Please click here for more information about average data sizes. The size of the weekly update file can be tailored to your fleet requirements e.g. 250KB, 500KB, etc.